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Sustainable City Award

This award focuses on a holistic approach on Sustainability in cities and integrates different types of resources or capital's for a better future in cities around the world.



  1. Holistic approach - numbers of capital's involved in the initiative
    • Environmental Capital - Natural Resources
    • Social Capital - Relations and trust
    • Human and Intellectual Capital - Innovation and Social Intelligence
    • Technical and Infra Structural Capital - Transportation and ICT
    • Culture Capital - Experience
    • Political Capital - Confidence and Public Trust
    • Financial Capital - Assets and Money
  2. Objectives for the initiative (long and short term)
  3. Results measured with relevant KPI´s linked to the different capitals and objectives long and short term
  4. Level of innovation for the initiative - describe the uniqueness or why this initiative add new knowledge regarding more sustainable cities
  5. Summary of strategic leanings from the initiative to share globally to inspire other cities


If a city has several projects and initiatives, the city is welcome to submit several applications, one for each project.