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Questions on the process


Is there the Globe Award statute?
Yes, it can be downloaded from our website www.globeaward.org.
What is a sustainability project?
Sustainability is defined as “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.” Depending on the category, given criterion must be fulfilled. Laureates from last years are set as examples to be followed by future applicants. Awarded projects are accessible at www.globeaward.org.
What is the actual award in Globe Award?
A winner gets international media attention, an exhibition stand and a speaking opportunity at the Globe Forum conference in Stockholm. The Globe Award statuette and the diploma are presented at the Globe Award gala dinner with the ceremony. A winner obtains a one year Globe Forum membership and invitation to Globe Forum sustainability conferences in upcoming year. No financial prize is given.
Can a Globe Award nominee be nominated a few times in a row?
Yes, a nominee may be nominated every year.
Is it possible to get the access to the jury’s evaluation sheets?
No, they are confidential.
Does Globe Forum and/or Globe Award secretariat have any influence over the selection?
No neither the Globe Forum nor the Globe Award secretariat has any say in who gets nominated or who wins the Globe Award. The decision is made independently by the jury.


Who can apply for Globe Award?
Individuals as well as organizations can apply for the award. Depending on the category an applicant can be a researcher, a company, academia, city administration or an innovator.
How can I apply to Globe Award
Go to www.globeaward.org and download an appropriate application form. Fill it out in English and upload through the website.
Do I need a special invitation to apply?
No, you can do it directly through www.globeaward.org.
Can I recommend another organization to apply to Globe Award?
Yes, you can suggest a unit which excels in sustainability in the world. Click on “suggest a candidate” on our website and fill out the form.
Is there any fee to enter Globe Award?
The registration is free of charge.
How many times can I apply to Globe Award?
You can apply every year, but only win once in 5 years.
How does Globe Award consider the time of deadline for sending applications in regards to different time zones in the world?
In order to be respectful to people from all parts of the world, applicants can send in their applications according to the local time in their country, but keeping the general day of the deadline.
How many applications can one applicant submit in one year?
Up till 3.
Can I change my application after submitting it?
Yes, if deadline has not passed yet. If you whish to make changes, contact the Globe Award secretariat directly before submitting a new version of your application.


What is supporting documentation?
It is any documentation which objectively shows what your project is about. Feel free to send pictures, brochures, reports, power point presentations, short video films, etc. Please note that the Globe Award secretariat only can accept supporting documentation in electronic format.
Do I have to attach supporting documentation?
No, but it is recommended, because it will give the jury better view on your project and can consequently contribute to a higher assessment.
Can I deliver supporting documentation after deadline?
Yes, but you have to submit your application form in time and then contact the Globe Award secretariat and agree on a date when the supporting documentation will be sent in.
Can I send printed materials via post as a part of supporting documentation?
No printed materials are accepted.
Can I add an attachment which is bigger than 2MB?
Yes, but it needs to be sent directly to the Globe Award secretariat’s email or place it on a server from which Globe Award will be able to download it easily.

Application form

Do I have to use the given Globe Award application form?
Yes, it is compulsory to fill out the given application form. In order for your application to be valid, it needs to be filled out properly and uploaded through www.globeaward.org.
Can I fill out the application form in other language than English?
No, all applications must be submitted in English.
Can Globe Award offer translation support?
As for now, we do not have such resources.
Can I apply in more than one category with my project?
Yes, if you describe them adequately and fulfill the criterion in each category.
Is a whitespace counted as one character in the application form?
Yes, each and every character is counted. The listed number of characters is always total.
Will my application be disqualified if I don’t answer all questions for some reasons?
No, but try to answer as many as it is possible. You should be able to fill out at least 50% of the questions. The more information you give, the fairer assessment you get.
Do I have to use all characters in each question?
No, answers should be full and exhaustive.

Questions on the categories

City Category

What sorts of projects can apply to Globe Award?
All projects on sustainability. There should be emphasis on modernization, innovation, technology and overall improvement bearing in mind environmental and social aspect.
How old can the project be?
It can be ongoing or completed no longer than 2 years ago.
If I want to submit several projects from one city, should I send in separate applications or all in one?
If they are not connected with each other, it is better to submit one application for each project.
Can I put several contact persons in the application form?
Yes, but it is better to indicate one person who knows all the details in case of the secretariat’s additional questions or concerns.

Reporting Category

What year should I report in the Reporting category?
A company’s report should be the most current and fulfill the Globe Sustainability Reporting Award’s criterion.
Could you give more input about what should be developed in a motivation of a company?
Summarize your efforts with the report, in relation to sustainability. Your strategy, results and the impact the report has had on your actions.
Does it count to upload our executive resume of the sustainability report?
Yes, but then remember to refer to the page number in the executive resume.
Do I have to prove the facts that backup my fulfillment of each criterion?
Be as specific and clear as you can. If you don´t have enough space to prove your point, you can refer to the page in your report where this is shown.

Questions on winners matters

Will you arrange my visa letter?
We can help you apply by preparing a special invitation for your visa.
If I win an award, and because of scheduling reasons I am not able to attend the conference, does it mean losing the award?
No, but we strongly encourage you to come to Stockholm and accept it in person or send a representative who can step in for you. As a winner you are requested to hold a lecture to present your project in detail.
What costs are covered for winners regarding coming to Stockholm?
Globe Forum pays for economy class tickets for up to 2 representatives and accommodation in a hotel up to 3 nights. The transportation from/ to airport, conference side and the ceremony is arranged as well.
What kind of screening material do you need for the ceremony and the website?
We need the logo, a few high resolution photos and a 30 second video describing briefly your winning project.

Questions around ceremony

Can nominees participate in the Globe Award event?
Yes, all nominees are offered two tickets to the gala dinner with the ceremony, but Globe Forum covers neither accommodation’s nor travel’s costs.
I have diet restriction; will an appropriate meal be served instead of regular courses?
Yes, but you must let us know about it in advance.
Are winners (or nominees) seated together at the dinner?
Yes, they are.
When pictures from the gala are available?
They should be available the day after the event and can be downloaded from http://www.flickr.com/photos/globeforum/. You can ask for high resolution photos.

Globe Forum Conference

What is the link between Globe Award and Globe Forum?
Globe Award is an initiative by Globe Forum. Globe Award prize awarding ceremony is organized in connection to the Globe Forum sustainability conference held in Stockholm.
How can I promote my organization through Globe Forum?
You can buy an exhibition stand and present your organization at the conference. For more information contact our sales team: Alexander Yu alyu@globeforum.com or Bertil Rosquist bero@globeforum.com.
How many people attend the forum?
Around 900; corporate representatives, investors, city officials, representatives of academia, politicians, innovators and media attend every Globe Forum conference.
As a winner or a jury member do I have to register to the conference?
No, you register directly to the Globe Award secretariat. .

General questions

What is the City Challenge and the connection between Globe Award?
City Challenge is an initiative taken by Globe Forum. The goal is to challenge all municipalities in the world to make them share their experience in sustainability and best cases in this area. All projects are accessible in our specially designed database. Registration is free and a city can join any time. Projects registered before Globe Award’s deadline will be vetted for Globe Award automatically.
How can our organization get involved in Globe Award?
You can be the Globe Award Ambassador or Sponsor and contribute to spreading information about Globe Award. It is necessary to promote and market the award through your network and in the internet. Any recognition and effort will be appreciated. Please contact the secretariat directly for more information.