Sustainability Innovation Award goes to Tesla Motors

"Tesla stood out among the many worthy applicants to the Globe Award for Sustainable Innovation both for its level of impact and for its approach. The Tesla Model S Sedan will be the world's first highway-capable, mass-produced electric vehicle produced in what is planned to be the world's greenest factory. The impact of Tesla's effort reaches well beyond this one car - it sets the stage for a revolution in transportation that could quite literally reduce global petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions by more than one third each."

STOCKHOLM, JUNE 3, 2009 - In tough competition with five prominent nominees, Tesla Motors won the Globe Sustainability Innovation Award 2009. The award was presented to Tesla Motor's Vice President Michael van der Sande by H.R.H Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden, at a ceremony in the Winter Garden of Grand Hotel in Stockholm on June 3rd.

The goal of the Globe Sustainability Innovation Award, this year presented for the third time, is to discover and encourage prominent sustainable innovators. Read more about the criteria here

"In its evaluation of the applicants for the Globe Award for Sustainable Innovation, the jury found that Tesla's application stood out. A genuine innovation, the Model S Sedan represents a key component in Tesla's effort to mainstream sustainability. Leveraging top of the pyramid consumers to fund the development of what is rapidly becoming mass-market technology, Tesla has been able to develop and economically viable solution with global ecological impact that should result in a fundamental and perpetual shift in the impact of transportation to humanity", says Philip DesAutels, Chairman Globe Sustainability Innovation Award, and continues...

"The potential for impact is real at a global scale: First, this product establishes a platform for a massive reduction in greenhouse gasses and carbon emissions, paving the way for significant health improvements as a result. Second, by mainstreaming electric vehicle technology, Tesla has taken the lead in innovating in an industry that has been technologically dependent on 100-year-old internal combustion technology", says Philip DesAutels.

The jury group was chaired by Philip A. DesAutels, Chairman, Microsoft’s manager of Academic Evangelism, USA. Researcher at Bentley University. Jury members were Dr. Pierre Berthon, Holds the Clifford F Youse Chair of Marketing and Strategy at Bentley University, MA, USA. Charlotte Masiello-Riome, Communication Expert Consultant for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN. Leyland Pitt, Professor of Marketing, Segal Graduate School of Business, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. Senior research Fellow, Leeds University Business School, the UK. Rias van Wyk, Prof. and Director of Technoscan® Centre Minnesota, USA, and a former Director of the Management of Technology (MOT) program, University of Minnesota.

A total of four jury groups for Globe Award, each with highly experienced and internationally recognized experts, has ensured that the most innovative and visionary innovators, scientists, cities and companies are highlighted. The Globe Award jury is chaired by Lars-Olle Larsson, Partner of PricewaterhouseCoopers Sweden.

About Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors Inc. designs, manufactures and sells 100% electric cars and advanced electric vehicle components. The Tesla Roadster is the first vehicle to integrate zero petroleum consumption, high energy efficiency, and great driving performance. Tesla is changing the metaphor of the automobile industry by mass-producing sustainable zero-emission vehicles. Based in California, USA.