Oxis Energy Ltd.

The research describes an invention of rechargeable battery, capable of storing large electrical charge in a cheap and safe way.

OXIS began developing its newly created battery six years ago. This new battery is categorised as „Polymer Lithium-Sulphur?. This electrochemical system has a colossal potential to exceed the energy of the best known modern batteries, by a factor of five. OXIS can deliver 50-100% more energy with this new battery, when compared with other modern batteries, yet development is in its early stages.

OXIS Polymer Lithium-Sulphur batteries utilise only widely available and cheap raw naturally occurring materials. The cost of sulphur (the main component in the OXIS battery) is 1000 times cheaper than the cost of cobalt oxide, the cathode material of choice in the majority of Lithium-Ion batteries. OXIS batteries are inherently safe and its chemistry is ultimately biodegradable.