Nominees - Sustainability Reporting Award

Globe Award’s Sustainability Reporting Award is given to companies in which sustainability reporting provides the key stakeholders with a clear understanding of the significance of sustainability impacts to key business activities, and which have taken strategic actions in response to these impacts.

The full criteria for this category can be found here.

CLP Holdings Limited: "As one of the largest investor-owned power businesses in the Asia Pacific region, CLP has been strongly committed to operate our business in a sustainable way. In addition to financial performance, CLP focuses its attention on social and environmental considerations. The principles of sustainable development have been incorporated not just into the Group's core values, but also in its day-to-day business decisions"

ICA AB: "The ability to gain and retain the confidence of customers and other stakeholders is critical to any successful retailer. Thorough and consistent corporate responsibility work and reporting is therefore a cornerstone of the ICA Group’s business philosophy."

Novo Nordisk: "Novo Nordisk manages its business in accordance with the Triple Bottom Line business principle.  In making decisions, the company seeks to balance three considerations: Is it economically viable? Is it socially responsible? And is it environmentally sound? Since 2004, the company has reporting on financial, social and environmental performance in one combined report."

Royal Dutch Shell: "The Sustainability Report describes Shell's efforts to live up to our commitment to contribute to sustainable development and is sent to special publics. Shell’s ongoing efforts to help meet one of the defining challenges facing society this century: providing more energy and lower CO2 emissions."

Stora Enso Oyj: "Stora Enso is a global paper, packaging and forest products company producing newsprint and book paper, magazine paper, fine paper, consumer board, industrial packaging and wood products. Sustainability has been identified as one of the key success factors in the Group's business strategy: Stora Enso aims at superior performance and image in the area of sustainability."