Nominees - Sustainability Innovation Award

“The response to the Globe Award’s Sustainability Innovation Award has been outstanding. Applications have been received from 13 different countries and the applicants represent the very best of the world’s sustainable innovators. The Jury faced the challenge of delightfully daunting deliberations, drawing on the award guidelines to select the five finalists. The passion and achievement of all applicants to the Sustainable Innovation award stands as a beacon to the potential of our sustainable future.” Philip DesAutels, Director Microsoft, Chairman Globe Award’s Sustainability Innovation Award

The full criteria for this category can be found here.

Cortus AB: "Cortus has developed a way to produce large amounts of energy in an inexpensive and environmentally friendly way. Their process converts biomass into gas with a very high energy value. It provides a renewable energy source. It also provides a source of energy that is not based on fossil fuels rather taking a step forward into a climate-friendly and sustainable future. Based in Sweden."

Deflamo: "Apyrum® is a biomimetic, environmentally-friendly, cost-efficient, and totally biodegradable flame retardant that is an alternative to toxic flame retardants. It has the potential to reduce the environmental impact of myriad other products enabling them all to become more sustainable. Based in Sweden."

Scandinavian Enviro Systems: "Carbonizing by Forced Convection is a technology that thermally breaks down any organic material in a closed, controllable, environmentally friendly system. The result is highly efficient recycling of complex and traditionally difficult to recycle products. For example using this system, worn out tires can be processed to produce high quality products (Carbon Black, oil, steel and gas) in an environmentally friendly, profitable and energy efficient process. The result is improved sustainability by optimizing the cradle-to-cradle lifecycle. Based in Sweden."

Tesla Motors Inc: "Tesla Motors designs, manufactures and sells 100% electric cars and advanced electric vehicle components. The Tesla Roadster is the first vehicle to integrate zero petroleum consumption, high energy efficiency, and great driving performance.Tesla is changing the metaphore of the automobile industry by mass-producing sustainable zero-emmision vehicles. Based in USA."

Wallenius Water: "Wallenius AOT is a unique Swedish water purification technology that works like a natural microbiological barrier. The chemical free method imitates nature’s way of purifying, using free radicals, nature's own "cleaners", to effectively break down organic and inorganic substances as well as bacteria, viruses and mould. Wallenius enables sustainable water purification at scale. Based in Sweden."