Nominees - Sustainable City Award 2010

"The selection process of most sustainable city has for the jury been a fantastic moment with unexpected good and professional applications from cities all around the globe. Sustainable development 2.0 with a fresh, innovative and holistic approach is definitely here to stay for the benefits of future citizens!” - says Jan Sturesson, Partner in PricewaterhouseCoopers and Global Leader of Government and Public Service in Sweden and Chairman of the Sustainable City Award.

The winner will be announced the 7th of April and the Award Ceremony will take place the 29th of April in Stockholm.

The full criteria for this category can be found here.


Curitiba, Brazil - Municipal Master Plan indicates reorganization of the urban territory, considering drainage basins as basic planning units, Institutional strengthening, seeking the development of transversality in planning and environmental management processes as well as changes in production and consumption standards, reducing costs and waste.

Malmö, Sweden - the city built its reputation around a heavy industrial core with large-scale manufacturing facilities in its Western Harbour (WH) which has become an urbanised district focused on energy and environment, mixed-use urban planning and architectural diversification integrated within the larger city centre.

Murcia, Spain – the comprehensive plan; Sustainable Strategy, started with the introduction of sustainability criteria in the new urban developments, such as the demand of solar thermal facilities in the new homes for hot sanitary water demand and the demand of cycling line in the urban developments. Sustainable Strategy includes many distinguishing initiatives, such as Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan and other urban projects to improve the level of sustainability in many areas in the city.

Songpa, South Korea – Song Pa presents an eco-friendly urban development project for the new millennium to execute a green and sustainable city construction. Waterway Songpa aims to restore the natural environment in the city that has been damaged due to accelerated development; it is a solution for ecological restoration, promotion of diverse life forms, and adaptation to climate changes.

Stargard Szczecinski, Poland - the comprehensive project of revitalizing the former airfield area, shows the significance of sustainable approach to municipal projects, strategic planning, devising long term investment plans. Currently the airfield revitalization project is the object of study visits, which is the reason for pride among all involved.

Sydney, Australia – the initiative Sustainable Sydney 2030 looks holistically at the city – its environment, economic, social and cultural life, its physical form and its future needs. The Sustainable Sydney 2030 Vision is for a Green, Global, and Connected City.