Nominees - Sustainability Reporting Award 2010

"We were seeking genuinely integrated reporting, looking for sustainability change in an organisation whilst taking into account those companies that operate in more difficult sectors. The jury were impressed with the quality of the entries for the 2010 awards." Paul Druckman, Chairman of the jury for the Sustainability Reporting Award

The winner will be announced the 7th of April and the Award Ceremony will take place the 29th of April in Stockholm.

The full criteria for this category can be found here.


BT plc – "At BT, we've been reporting on our social and environmental programmes for many years. This year we produced a short report review document, available in PDF form in six languages and an extensive online report. Our aim is not simply to report on facts and figures but to make it relevant to readers. But the data we collect isn’t just used for reporting. It also help us build awareness of the business case for sustainability, both within our own business and as part of the sales and marketing conversations we have with customers."

CLP Holdings Limited – "Our report serves as a strong management tool to drive improvement, as well as communication with our stakeholders. We believe transparency is a key element. Through publicly disclosing our targets, we commit ourselves to do our best to meet them. We communicate our shortcomings as well as success, and we keep the language simple and straight forward to reach a wide audience."

ICA AB – "This years Annual report from the ICA Group works under the theme "An open business requires open sense". With strong shared values and an attitude that every link in the chain is important ICA integrates CR work in every area of the Group´s operation. The pace of ICA´s efforts to reduce its environmental impact was accellerated in 2009. Climate, besides economy and security, is pinpointed in this years report as the main driving forces behind the ICA Groups strategy. ICA tries to achieve profitable long-term growth based on professional ethics and sustainable development and to deliver value to its owners."

Indra – "Indra is a business project conceived with a vision of long-term sustainability, tied to the company´s proper economic, environmental and social performance. Indra´s business model is based on a culture that combines innovation, a client focus, the quality of its solutions and services, the talent of its employees, growth in sales and profitability, and a commitment towards society and the environment. In other words, at Indra, the culture of sustainability is integrated into the organisation and aligned with our activity and objectives."

Stora Enso – "To ensure that our sustainability reporting and management continues to be in line with our company's business strategy and our stakeholders' priorities we conducted a materiality review in 2009. The materiality review helped us to follow-up and identify the sustainability impacts of our operations that are the most significant, both to our business and our key stakeholders."