Dubai Municipality

This research addresses a major environmental threat as Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in the Emirate of Dubai. Accordingly Economical and technological opportunities such as MSW recycling and treatment technologies are suggested which will have a direct impact on the economic gains and contribute to building a healthier environment for the society.
The public and business sectors are encouraged to support and improve waste minimisation, management and disposal as well as the implementation in the long-term Waste Minimisation through ongoing communication, engagement and education.

Key elements of the ongoing process include:

  • Stakeholder Engagement to ensure ‘buy-in’;
  • Waste Management Awareness – an initial awareness campaign introducing the 3Rs programme and the importance of waste minimisation,
  • Waste Management Education – engaging schools, industry and waste management companies to take actions by creating specific programmes which address key problems in their areas

This research has developed potential communication, awareness and educational scenarios, to minimize the waste generated in Dubai. The scenarios are essentially a series of action plans.