Southwest Windpower

Soutwest Windpower

In 1987, Southwest Windpower set out to make a difference through the design, production and sale of low-cost, reliable small wind generators. Today, the company is recognized as the global industry leader, having built and shipped more than 170,000 wind turbines to 120 countries.

Small wind turbines utilize wind energy to produce clean, emissions-free power for multiple applications including homes, farms and small businesses.

Southwest Windpower has been playing an integral role in the formation and successful growth of the distributed renewable energy market over the past decade. As climate change, energy security concerns and ever-increasing electricity rates pushed consumers to look for alternative ways to supplement their energy needs, Southwest Windpower embarked on a new project to create the world’s first fully-integrated wind turbine for grid-connected homes.

In January 2011, Southwest Windpower launched its first new product in three years – the Skystream 600. Debuted alongside GE at this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the Skystream 600 will be the first fully smart grid enabled turbine when available to the public in April 2011. With upgrades including a larger blade design, enhanced software and an improved integrated inverter, Skystream 600 is estimated to produce about 74 percent more energy than the Skystream 3.7, providing an average of 7,400 kWh of energy per year in 12 mph average annual wind speeds.