Arassussa (short for Araçuaí Sustainable City) is a project vision which refers to regional, various sustainable practices such, as: community empowerment and leadership, environmental commitment, economic satisfaction, human and ethical values.

The actions are based on 3 main principles: territorial awareness, synergic social technologies, purposeful alliances

Main current projects within Arassussa’s platform are:

  • Environmental management/ rural infrastructure: Water Path (120 families)
  • Pregnancy and first childhood attention: Hug’s Pedagogy and Children City (200 children, mothers and newborns)
  • Children education: Little seed and Being a Child. (200 children)
  • Youth education and labour: Dedo de Gente Cooperative, Meninos de Araçuaí Cinema and Softwares’ Little Factory (50 youths)

The focus is put on development of new habitats and water management on rural sites, based upon local culture and practices. Using low-cost community mobilization and having local population as front line of the educational process, Belo Horizonte could implement local projects.

A long-term objective is to promote social transformation in all Jequitinhonha Valley, having the city of Araçuaí as a model of sustainable experience in region and the country.