Sustainability Reporting Award


Sustainability reporting provides the key stakeholders with a clear understanding of the significance of sustainability impacts to key business activities, and the strategic actions taken in response to these impacts. Supporting criteria (not in order of preference):

  • Reported information is determined by its importance to the company’s strategy and the extent to which it impacts on key business activities
  • The impacts of sustainability trends on the business in the short, medium and longer term are assessed and explained
  • Information is reported for each critical area of business activity with the connection between sustainability and financial performance demonstrated through the use of financial, non financial and narrative information
  • Targets have been set and performance against these targets explained
  • Reported information includes upstream and downstream impacts of products and services, where these are material
  • Reporting is integrated into mainstream annual reporting
  • An assessment of how the company is reducing its risk and will earn profits by integrating social and environmental issues into its business
  • Reported information being verified and assessed by an independent third party. Including what information is verified; by whom; whether the entire report or only portions: and level of assurance
  • Reports should provide data that is consistent, relevant and comparable. This will be marked based on the data being complete (not just carbon); normalised; comprehensive; and monetised

In order to find potential entrants to the award, the Jury for Globe Sustainability Reporting Award gets help from Trucost and RepuTex. Trucost and RepuTex review published reports from their database and assist the Jury with a long-short list of candidates. Globe Award secretariat invites the individual entities to apply using Globe Award’s own forms and the Jury will determine the nominees and winner based on the Jury’s own judgment. Individual entities are free to apply on their own.

For more information about Trucost and RepuTex please visit their websites: and

How to apply

The application period for Globe Award 2011 has ended. The Nominees are listed here.

Jury group for Globe Sustainability Reporting Award

Paul Druckman

Paul Druckman, Chairman
Chairman Executive Board of The Prince's Accounting for Sustainability Project, UK

Olivier Boutellis-Taft

Olivier Boutellis-Taft
CEO Federation of European Accountants, Belgium

Peter Wong

Peter Wong
Member of the Board of Directors Global Reporting, Hong Kong

Brian Ballou and Dan Heitger

Prof. Brian Ballou & Prof. Dan Heitger
Co-Directors, Center for Business Excellence Farmer School of Business, Miami University, USA

Luis Perera

Luis Perera
Partner in charge of Sustainable Business Solutions at PricewaterhouseCoopers, Chile

Susanne Stormer

Susanne Stormer
Vice President, Global TBL Menagement, Denmark