Sustainability Reporting Award

Overall Principle

That sustainability reporting provides the key stakeholders with a clear understanding of the significance of sustainability impacts to key business activities, and the strategic actions taken in response to these impacts.

Supporting criteria (not in order of preference):

  • Reported information is determined by its importance to the company’s strategy and the extent to which it impacts on key business activities
  • The impacts of sustainability trends on the business in the short, medium and longer term are assessed and explained
  • Information is reported for each critical area of business activity with the connection between sustainability and financial performance demonstrated through the use of financial, non financial and narrative information
  • Targets have been set and performance against these targets explained
  • Reported information includes upstream and downstream impacts of products and services, where these are material
  • Reporting is integrated into mainstream annual reporting
  • An assessment of how the company is reducing its risk and will earn progits by integrating social and environmental issues into its business
  • Reported information being verified and assessed by an independent third party. Including what information is verified; by whom; whether the entire report or only portions: and level of assurance
  • Reports should provide a structure to the information contained therein to assist ease of comparability and comprehension